We make you feel right at home!

We aim to please with free adjustments, lens duplications and the know your name service we provide every day. We think about every possible frame and aspect of lens design, and how they complement the shape of your face for your image and comfort.


A visit to your neighborhood eye doctor

We’ve combined our passion for sight with your need for convenience. There’s an Independent Doctor of Optometry inside or next door to almost every Golden Eye & Ear store. These doctors are dedicated to eye care. In their offices, you’ll find state of the art technology, including the latest patient-friendly tools, which enable your doctor to write you an accurate prescription. And when you’re finished, you can have your glasses made at Golden Eye & Ear, often in under an hour.

Improving Vision

Glasses in About an Hour
In many cases, your lenses can be made in the on-site lab at your local Golden Eye & Ear. The technology in our labs is the same state of the art equipment found in large-scale production facilities, and in some cases, it’s even more advanced. Our leadership in the industry has allowed us to invest in this technology, and in turn, provide our customers with high quality lenses that are ready for pick-up in about an hour.

While many types of prescription lenses can be made in our lab, certain lenses, including authentic brand lenses, high definition lenses or lenses for very strong prescriptions, require more time or the use of a special production facility. When we send your lenses to our off-site facility, we still go out of our way to deliver your specialty eyeglass lenses to you on time. If they can’t be ready in about an hour, they will always be ready for you to pick up on the date we provide.

Optical Technology

Golden Eye & Ear is always developing ways to help you see clearer, farther and in brighter color. The newest addition to our labs is an Anti-Reflective coating machine. It’s one more feature we can offer our customers in our One Hour service.

AR coating eliminates glare and relieves eyestrain caused by frequent computer use or night driving. Lenses with this coating repel dust and smudges and wipe clean easily. And by eliminating reflections on the front of your lenses, people can see through your lenses to your eyes, for a better view of you.